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WiFi Build and Debug with Android 11 on Xamarin, Flutter & React Native
Saamer Mansoor | Match 4,2021
Did you also receive the pesky email from Google Play, asking you to create 64-bit version of your fleet of apps...
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Considerations for selecting fonts during iOS & Android development
Saamer Mansoor | Febuary 26, 2021
While working on the feature development, maintenance & white-labeling with our biggest client, we received an email from Monotype stating that the apps were using their fonts without a license...
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Enabling the Fancy iOS Picture In Picture Video Player on Xamarin
Saamer Mansoor | January 9, 2021
Picture In Picture (PIP) was introduced years ago in iOS 9, but it was only available for iPads. It was brought to iPhones recently in iOS 14, so I wanted to implement it in my app...
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Users can customize iOS App Icons after downloading their Xamarin app
Saamer Mansoor | December 8, 2020
At December’s Xamarin Community Standup, the Senior Microsoft Xamarin PM David Ortinau, talked about how the official GitHub app impressed him because it allowed him to update the app icon ‘after’ installing the app.
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Trick to see if your iOS app can be installed on the Apple Silicon Macs
Saamer Mansoor | November 25,2020
Apple announced that the new Mac computers with the ARM 64 processor will be able to install compatible iOS & iPad apps. Just like you, I was super curious..
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In-app reviews for your Android apps
Saamer Mansoor | October 22, 2020
When Android’s Play Core v1.8 was released in August 2020, it added an awesome new feature to enable users to provide in-app reviews. Patrick Getzmann has been working on a binding...
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Quick way to clean temp files & directories in Xamarin projects
Saamer Mansoor | September 13, 2020
If you have done a weeks’ worth of Xamarin mobile development, you know the need to frequently delete the bin & obj folders in each sub-directory of your solution.
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Generating Beautiful frames for your iOS & Android Screenshots Instantly
Saamer Mansoor | July 19, 2020
Have you have ever needed to share your app screenshots with other team member, but skipped adding the frame just to save time?
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Using Xamarin University resources to learn mobile development
Saamer Mansoor | July 11, 2020
When we were learning Xamarin a few years ago, “Xamarin University” was a great resource to learn and understand the fast-growing Xamarin framework
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Old MVVMCross Xamarin solutions & the looming Android 10 Deadline
Saamer Mansoor | July 7, 2020
Using cross platform frameworks like Xamarin has a lot of pros, in terms of the shorter learning curve and time of development. But changes needed due to...
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Store Data in Google Sheets using Xamarin iOS & Android apps
Saamer Mansoor | July 5, 2020
There have been questions on StackOverflow asking how to use Google Sheets to store data using Xamarin, as a quick and simple database. After finding no articles online
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NFC apps on iOS & Android using Xamarin Forms or Native
Saamer Mansoor | May 15, 2020
If you have done a weeks’ worth of Xamarin mobile development, you know the need to frequently delete the bin & obj folders in each sub-directory of your solution...
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