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Quick ways to free space on your Xamarin Mac computer
Saamer Mansoor | April 7, 2020
Are you also trying to update to the latest MacOS or Xcode, butthere's no space on your MacBook Pro? Did you...
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Using GitHub Actions with iOS and Android Xamarin apps
Saamer Mansoor | January 12 2020
DevOps are a must have in every Software Architect's belt, and Github's Actions for GI/CD is just another step to make DevOps accessible for...
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Analytics Best Practices for Xamarin iOS & Android Apps
Saamer Mansoor | October 30, 2019
When you've worked on multiple published apps, you'll learn unique lessons while implementing solutions for each of the challenges...
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Testing iOS 13 Dark Mode on your Xamarin Native or Forms iOS App
Saamer Mansoor | Augest 6,2019
With iOS 13 coming out around September 2019, millions will update their iPhones across the world and will be given to view their...
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Using Python to instantly create iOS/Android variable-size app icons
Saamer Mansoor | July 3 2019
Ever needed 20 multiple smaller sizes for your 1024x1024 dimension icons, but didn’t want to be dependent on a busy designer...
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64-bit version of your Xamarin Native or Xamarin Forms Android App
Saamer Mansoor | May 24, 2019
Did you also receive the pesky email from Google Play, asking you to create 64-bit version of your fleet of apps...
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Building Android Java apps using MS VS Code instead of Android Studio
Saamer Mansoor | June 21, 2020
Android apps can be built in multiple languages using either Java, Kotlin, C#, Javascript, or DART, to name a few...
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Trick to see if your iOS app can be installed on the Apple Silicon Macs
Saamer Mansoor | November 25, 2020
Apple announced that the newest generation Mac computers with the ARM 64 processor will be able to install compatible iOS & iPad apps...
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